Our Mission

Biotech Connect mission is to connect the laboratory suppliers with the Life Science Researchers across Canada

We organize turnkey product exhibitions within Canadian research institutes where biotech vendors can meet and discuss with the research teams

We cover most of the Universities Science faculties (Biology, Chemistry) and Medecine faculties (Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Immunology etc…)


Hello, I’m Daniel from Promega, and I’m at the MaRS tower auditorium today where we had a great show. Usually I never do a four-hour show, but honestly today I have hardly looked at my watch. It was really good, and I could do that again in the next few years.

Daniel Brunet, M.Sc.


Biotech Connect makes my life of rep-salesman so much easier. The product exhibitions is well organized. And the researchers enjoy coming to them. This is a win-win situation for me and my clients.

David Remedios


Want to increase your chances of being seen by researchers? Try Biotech Connect. Guillaume and his team organize extraordinary exhibitions. The show on MaRS here is an excellent example. A lot of contacts, a lot of visitors, and that’s an example of what they can do in smaller institutions. It’s perfect for Bioshop.

Mike Kierdelewicz, President

BioShop Canada

It was a very good show by Biotech Connect, we had a lot of future potential customers, and the organization was exceptional, I will definitely come back.

Jonathan Samson, MSc

GE Healthcare

We are really happy with this exhibition and the way it was organized. There were a lot of visitors, we sold big orders to big research centers as well as to smaller ones. We will not want to miss that next time. We hope they come back. It was a great show.

Brendan McIntyre, PhD

Miltenyi Biotec

We had a great experience at the Biotech Connect show at the MaRS Tower. We had visitors from start to finish, lots of potential customers from the visitors, who seems very happy with the way it’s organized by Guillaume and his team. This is the best show organized by a third party that brings together the seller and their client to whom I have participated across Canada.

Howard Cukier, PhD.

New England Biolabs

I thought it was a great event today. There was a lot of traffic. And it’s been constant through all the hours. It was a double show today, it was four hours long, but there was a lot of people all the time. I really enjoyed that. I like Biotech Connect a lot because we really see their responsibility, they go looking for people. They really get people out of the labs to get them to us, it’s really appreciated by my company.

Jean-Philippe Dumais, M. Sc,

Molecular Devices